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Workshops & Training

Shorter-Gooden Consulting designs and conducts workshops and training sessions aimed at enhancing the diversity-related awareness, knowledge and/or skills of participants. Workshops are customized for the specific audience and can range from 2 hours to a full day to sessions held over multiple days.

Sample Topics
  • Implicit Bias: What It Is and What We Can Do about It

  • How to Interrupt Bias and Become an Upstander

  • Diversity 101 – The ABCs of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

  • How to Create an Inclusive Organization

  • Evidence-based Strategies to Reduce Bias in Hiring

  • Inclusive Pedagogy: How to Effectively Engage Diverse Students

  • Diversity Flashpoints in the Classroom: Moving from Conflict to Teachable Moment

  • How to Support the Retention and Advancement of Underrepresented Faculty

  • Culturally Responsive Mentoring in the Academy (Focus on Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students and/or Faculty)


"THANK YOU for your very skilled, thoughtful, and inspiring work with our board and staff. I especially appreciate how you are able to meet people where they are in their knowledge, personal experience, and comfort-level with access, diversity, equity and inclusion concepts and issues. The result was a safe and productive environment for our discussions and learning."


President and CEO | Chorus America

"Dr. Shorter-Gooden is a dynamic educator and expert in field of diversity. She provided Coppin’s employees a solid framework of how to define and identify implicit bias. She demonstrated how negative biases influence decisions that affect institutional goals. Her training exercises allow each participant the tools to do self-discovery and obtain solutions that inspire positive change both professionally and personally.”


Associate Director, Human Resources | Coppin University

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